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Summer Collection 2014 !

May 22nd, 2014

After the Winter most of us endured this year, we are all looking forward to Spring and Summer like never before.  This year the Spring and Summer collections of fabrics from Michael’s Custom Clothes are looking bright and colorful with light and breezy fabrics which will be comfortable yet stylish in the warmer months ahead.

This season, you can have Michael Sahi help you look for large checks and plaids, as well as more conventional smaller plaid fabrics.  Custom made suits and jackets in light blue and other cooler colors are extremely popular this season as well as brighter colored shirts and accessories will make your image pop this Spring and Summer.

Fabrics that are especially important among bespoke customers this season are seersuckers, cottons and linens.  These fabrics tend to breathe well and come in many classic and popular colors and prints viagra otc.  As stated above in the bespoke market plaids are big this season, but so are whimsical prints and other summery details.

The popular fit for hand made suits and jackets is still classic slim and form fitting, but tend to be a little more relaxed this year than in previous seasons.

Custom made dress shirts are also big this season, and there are thousands of fabric patterns to choose from.  Michael Sahi can direct you to bright colors and whimsical prints which are extremely popular among bespoke customers; however there is also a huge variety of plaid and striped fabrics to choose from as well.

Michael Sahi looks forward to being able to serve you and help you design your own personal wardrobe here at Michael’s Custom Clothes.  We would love to be able to help you celebrate the summer in style with a new and exciting outlook custom made appearance available only from your private tailors at Michael’s Custom Clothes.

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