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July 2nd, 2014

When the month of June comes around, seersucker season has begun at Michael’s Custom Clothes! Remaining cool and feeling comfortable can be demanding for men that wear suits in the warmer summer months. Whether you’re attending a business meeting on a golf course, or simply dressing up on a warm day; the comfort of wearing a seersucker suit can boast a well-heard statement about your wardrobe being rounded in regards to your “dapper-adaptability” during the mid-year heat. In fact, for over a century, seersucker garments have been the most iconic of summer outfitting in the United States. At Michael’s custom clothes, seersucker suiting is not only popular, but chic when styled in the bounds of elegance.

Here at Michael’s, a 2-button seersucker blazer is perfect for dressing up any casual outfit. Within the versatility of Michael Sahi’s summer styling, our gentlemen dress down their seersucker jacket with linen slacks and in some cases even denim jeans. Tapered seersucker slacks with a pleated front and cuffed bottoms have become a very trendy and popular fit among our customers. A custom-made blazer produced in seersucker fabric has become a major hit among West Coast “fashionistos”. Its traditional stripe pattern is a classical favorite depicted in the portrayal of American southern swagger.

Gentlemen have been coming to Michael Sahi for years to get seersucker suits. This summer in the Deep South; Michael Sahi has made pink and white seersuckers with a loose baggy drape, contrasting perfectly with your pair of white shoes blogs.asburyseminary.edu. In some cases, the bolder seersucker patrons wear a straw Panama hat and bowtie with suspenders to complete the traditional southern appeal. An audacious impression is made by this manner of outfit; it projects the attitude that an individual is impervious to what others think when pertaining to how he or she dresses up. Like the infamous pink seersucker of Robert Redford in his infamous portrayal of the great “Jay Gatsby”. The double breasted peak lapel seersucker suit worn by Leonardo Dicaprio in his later depiction of the Great Gatsby proves that the style is here to stay.

Most of our clientele have a job that requires dressing up; and this can present problems in the warmer climates which are easily solved with seersucker suiting from Michael’s Custom Clothes. The ease of wearing a seersucker suit is attributed to its aerated comfort; though the feel is that of an attractive suit. Our seersucker fabrics are lightweight and made from cotton; the grain-like stripes are arranged in a variety of color combinations, catering to the circumstantial styles of differentiated warmer climates where our clients reside. Michael Sahi can style your next seersucker suit to perfection.

Today it remains the most characteristic of all Michael’s suiting fabrics; its unique and ubiquitous fashion has been implemented by those who utilize the benefits which the garments provide, most importantly of which is being Cool! At Michael’s Custom Clothes, we collect an array of seersucker suiting fabrics with a wide-range assortment of colors, and numerous styling options for your new summer outfit! Let us tailor your next seersucker suit! Call now for more information and schedule an appointment for your fitting!



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