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Savvy Comfort !

January 7th, 2015

Now that we are in the New Year it is always nice to start the year off fresh with new clothing. Styles change from season to season and it is nice to add variety to your wardrobe by including some newer styles to your repertoire.

This winter brings us more comfort. For the last couple of years the styles for men’s suits have been slim, slim, and slimmer. While it is great to show off your slim silhouette if you have it, comfort has been sacrificed for style. Not so with this season’s styles. Comfort is coming back in style. You will find that suits are a bit roomier this season, allowing for more freedom of movement and comfort. Take a look at the picture here as this dancer is able to move freely without the constraints of a slimmer cut pair of slacks.

However don’t expect to return to the baggy suit styles that were popular a couple of years ago. Comfort does not mean lots of extra fabric hanging all over you. This season’s style is still classic and accents your silhouette while still allowing for freedom of movement thompsonmusicstudio.com. The slim European cut is still popular. But the new style allows for more comfort while still looking fresh and stylish.

Many of the designers are trying to make men’s wardrobes more voluminous again, however most retailers are balking at this trend since it took so long to get their customers to try the slimmer styles. This season’s trend is a compromise, keeping the slim classic cut, but adding a little more comfort and room to move around.

Notice that the suit on the right still accents the model’s slim build, but at the same time offers some freedom of movement and comfort that the slim European cut suits of late have denied us. Style plus comfort is now in fashion and would make a great addition to your own personal wardrobe and style.

Michael Sahi offers many new fabrics which lend themselves perfectly to this new more relaxed cut suit. Give him a call to get his help in designing your new style. He can walk you through all the new trends in men’s wear this season and throughout the coming years.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call here at Michael’s Custom Clothes. You will be glad that you did.new year

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