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A Casual Valentines or Color for the Sun !

February 6th, 2013 Comments off


A casualValentine’s Day date is excellent for all stages of relationships. This year, the 14th falls on a Thursday, the perfect day to have a casual date and express budding love or celebrate a love that has stood the test of time. It may seem cliché to wear Valentines’ colors on Valentine’s Day, but Michael Sahi says “why not”?  A burgundy or purple velvet sports blazer over dress shirt is a great casual look. If velvet is a little too extreme for your office, you can always change into it after work making the quick transition from office to play.  This year your styling options are limitless; single and double-breasted blazers are now both in. So choose whatever fits your style the best and you will be fashion forward and eye catching.


If Valentine’s Day is a second thought and you rather have your mind on the soon arriving sunny months, then lets take a look at what the fashion consultant of Michael’s Custom Clothes are forecasting for 2013.


Clothing is the material language of style and your personality is express in each article.  Color is like the crescendo in a musical note or spices to a recipe; they add flavor to life and separates an individual from the mundane sea of navy, gray and brown. This year’s runways are promising a diverse Spring/Summer season filled with eye-popping festival of colors that have some fearing that a sartorial sixth sense of style is needed to incorporate into their daily wardrobe. Step away from the panic button, there is no need for concern; just open your mind to a diverse spectrum of color and brighten up your season.


Before you start pulling out your bold color suits with the matching ties and shoes, adding color to your wardrobe doesn’t have to be so dramatic.  Even though this look has made its stamp in fashion history, today’s fashion forward professionals can incorporate eye popping color without giving up their subtle approach to style. To separate yourself from the masses, the force of your presence can be felt within the hues of your appearance.  Adding a single item of color to your outfit will give you a distinguish sense of style without stepping to far outside your perimeters of comfort. This can be achieved with saturated colors, edgy prints and silky fabrics in your shirts, ties or hankies. For the conservative individuals, a bold colorful lining gives a flash of color while keeping an inconspicuous allure about you.


Men’s wear colors for the spring emphasis the need for balance; the array of energizing bight tones is soothing against the neutrals standards of the season.  Michael Sahi says to take note and anticipate seeing these following colors. Blues in the shade of tidal waves washing onto shore are the driving force when paired with double-breasted pinstriped suits.  The perfect answer to springs khaki essential is mint greens and jeweled tone emerald; a powerful influence for accessories and sportswear.  If you are looking for color that will give your palette a sense of masculinity and stability, Monaco blue naturally provides a neutral anchoring and will define the smoky gray or seersucker suit. Alloy gray, a lightweight alternative to black is a reliable mid-tone hue for warmer months, ideal for staying cool.


If drama and excitement is what you are seeking then Poppy Red and the animated vibrant orange will provide the vigor an enthusiasm your wardrobe desires. While Sunflower robust yellow give a Dijon-like flavor will create a sophisticated update to your standard suits.


Versatility this spring is a must; not only should you add color to your wardrobe you should also alter the standard way of wearing them. Instead of the usual color blocking as seen last spring, try wearing a monochromatic color palette which will add color without looking “matchy”. Fine prints, similar to Versace in the 90’s is key, although it is being shown more in street wear and ready-to-wear but incorporated in small accessories will not take away from your polished professional look.


Now that you have your New Year’s Color Guide start taking inventory of your closet and see what is needed to add some eye-popping color to it. If you’re still not convinced you can pull it off, consult your Michael’s Custom Clothes fashion consultant and allow them to show you how to add color comfortably. Since we are just a few weeks into 2013 you have plenty of time to get ready for a spring full of color so call Michael Sahi today and spring forward with style.

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The ‘Chesterfield’, the Overcoat for Distinguished Gentlemen

January 21st, 2013 Comments off

Cary Grant was classified as Hollywood’s leading man. Best know for his dashing good looks and his unparallel sense of style; he was considered the best-dressed man of the 20th Century. Often seen wearing a ‘Chesterfield’ overcoat during the winter months, Mr. Grant’s helped turned this formal overcoat into an everyday staple for the distinguished gentleman.

If you are searching for something to wear this winter that will keep you warm while allowing you to look stylish, and professional then the Chesterfield is ideal for you. This double-breasted overcoat was often described as ‘a formal overcoat’ for centuries but today, just by adjusting the length it has gained flexibility and versatility a well needed factor for today’s man.

Colonizing the runways of Milan and Paris, the Chesterfield redefines longevity with its timeless appeal. The must have survival piece incorporates the double-breasted feature that is making a strong comeback in suit jackets. Made with warm wool, camel hair, or cashmere fibers that supplies you with adequate amount of warmth and while continuing to push the fashion envelope of style savviness. Michael Sahi suggests that be best way to design the “Chesterfield” for the professional men is to; keep it knee-long, without waist seams or front darts, short notched lapel, single back vent or plain back and straight side pockets. Adding a velvet collar you will turn an average business coat into a conversation starter.

Keep in mind, a suit is not always needed for the Chesterfield overcoat. An alternative look for a casual evening out or on the weekends is paired with a dark pair of jeans or slacks, v-neck sweater over a button down shirt and worn with your favorite style of loafers. The more looks you can achieve with your Chesterfield mean a better deal for your wallet.
There are an array of styles to choose from with your overcoat depending on you lifestyle, body type and design esthetics; finding something that works for you will be a breeze. To discover all of your styling options contact your Michael’s Custom Clothes fashion consultant today and in weeks you will be ready to brave even the harsh winds of the windy city while looking graceful and debonair like Mr. Grant.

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Velvet the Look and Feel for the Holidays

November 28th, 2012 Comments off

The holiday season is fast approaching and the anticipation of gathering with friends and family would make one full of holiday cheer. But, before you start planning your schedule around the big family gatherings, office parties, and other celebrations that come with the season, you must first plan out what you are going to wear. If you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or if you just like getting into the holiday spirit you must have the perfect outfit and year after year Michael Sahi finds that his clients love to wear a velvet blazer paired with dress pants to celebrate the season. This elegant fabric would make an excellent substitution for your standard tuxedo especially for the more private gatherings that you will be attending.

Even though you have set your gift budget you must not forget to leave a little room for yourself.  Velvet, the go to fabric for this season, has always been associated with luxury. The deep pile, soft finish, and high shine fabric is perfect for special occasions that are ever so prominent this time of year. With its array of colors from jewel tones, deepest of dark navy blues and midnight blacks, velvet is a rich and luxurious material that looks great on men and women.

A velvet blazer can be paired with various types of pants; wool, tweed, and denim are standards that can swing your look from dressy to casual and back again. But when considering wearing it for a more formal event we are going to pair it with a solid pair of black wool flat front dress pant with a tuxedo stripe.  Have a one button, single breasted custom blazer designed from a tone on tone texture velvet. The collar should be a peak label but add a little flare by doing the back collar in a solid velvet material or even satin to give it a tuxedo.  To continue with a more elegant look, wear with a tone on tone black dress shirt and substitute the standard buttons with studs and cuffs links. With a black satin bow tie, you are now ready to turn head and hopefully get caught under the Mistletoe with someone special.

Now that you have the perfect holiday outfit mapped out for you give Michael’s Custom Clothes a call and schedule a consultation with the master tailors during their upcoming trip to your area.  For more details please visit us at and have very joyful holiday!

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Michael Sahi Brings Back the Roaring Twenties “Mr. Dandy”

January 26th, 2012 Comments off

dormeuil-26-13r-copie-resizedThe era of the roaring twenties is swinging back around in men’s fashion; bring with it the resurgence of the “Mr. Dandy”. With TV shows shining the spot light on the dandy man with their style esthetics of being sharply tailored, sexy and all-round immaculate in their appearance is opening the doors to the almost lost craft of the bespoke fashion. Right now you may be asking yourself what is a “Dandy Man”? A dandy is an individual who places particular importance on his physical appearance, language and leisurely hobbies; a self-made individual whose lifestyle imitates that of an aristocrat. Not being afraid of being well dresses or a fashion leader, a dandy man makes no apologies for his love of fashion. If you are a client of Michael Sahi, you could be labeled a “dandy”. Though we do not like to have labels placed on us, being a dandy is nothing to be ashamed of, it just means we understand the essence of men’s fashion and what it means to be well dressed.

Three-piece glen plaid suits are making big hits with Michael’s clientele in preparation for the spring season. Choose soft neutral tones which will break away from the stuffy navy and black shades that are ever so common with individuals who dare not standout in a crowd. The well-tailored garments crafted by the talented tailors of Michael’s Custom Clothes makes wearing a slim fitting suit like this one both stylish and comfortable. But don’t think that you always have to wear all three pieces at he same time; a true dandy will not be afraid to separate the pieces to get the most out of his look. Consider wearing the jacket and vest with a solid pair of pants. If you were fearless with your fashion, then Michael would suggest that the pants be a contrasting shade of the plaid. Another alternative is to switch up and pair this look with a sports jacket made in a deeper shade of the print.

The go to piece of clothing for the month is the contrast dress shirt. A great alternative to incorporate with the glen plaid suit, this shirt was once a must have in the business world twenty-five years ago with big-shot businessmen and tycoons. With the end of the 80’s and Reaganomics, this symbol of high-powered couture was placed once again in the footnotes of fashion. Finding its way back to the closet of men with the reemergence of the twenty’s, the contrast shirt with its white collar and French cuff is a signature trademark of someone who would consider them self to be a dandy man. Easy to transition from work to play, the contrast shirt with an unbutton collar, vest and rolled up sleeves is a cool look to sport while networking over cocktails or shooting pool.

In many states brisk winds and chilly nights seems to go on for ever. Don’t suffer or compromise your style with comfort; add to this look by pairing it with an all-weather top coat and stay warm and stylish while walking the corporate streets. Now is the perfect time to place your order. In many mid-west and eastern coastal states the temperature will allow you to wear a top coat well into the early summer. And since this look never goes out of style, feel free to pull it out whenever the weather permits.

To place your order for your three-piece glen plaid suit and all-weather top coat contact one of Michael’s wardrobe consultants at or call us at 818-981-5738. With many trips schedule throughout the year we are always a short commute to many major cities. Contact us to see when we will be in your area.

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The Double Breasted Suit !

November 2nd, 2011 Comments off

page-212Now that we have entered into fall its time for us to once again take inventory of our closets to make sure it is current with the latest fashion trends for the season. This fall brings about the reemergence of the very distinctive double-breasted suit. This traditional look has empowered men for centuries allowing them to emanate their very own sense of style in both work and play. This timeless appeal transitions from year to year with ease, a very important feature for today’s budget conscience individual. With the return of the custom made suits, owning this classic trend is easy to do.

When meeting with a wardrobe consultant at Michael’s Custom Clothes there are a few factors one should consider when designing your custom made double-breasted suit. Double-breasted suits have a tendency to look bulky, an unflattering trait many men. So it is important to customize the double-breasted suit for your specific body type. When choosing your fabric select wools, silks or wool blends with a weight rang between 10-14 ounces. These lighter weights will promote a more slimming line to counter act the bagginess of the double-breasted suit. Michael Sahi suggests using smaller shoulder padding to soften the shoulders lines and tapering in the sides to help reduce the suit’s boxy ness. Also, the sleeve should be cut slim to complete the overall slimming effects. With precision measurements taken by the highly skilled tailoring team at Michael’s Custom Clothes you will be able to achieve the fashionable trend of the fitted double-breasted suit silhouette.

You can boost your sense of power and authority by customizing the classic six-on-two double-breasted jacket by adding your very own signature detailing. Even though the double-breasted suit is considered a conservative staple, don’t be afraid to go against the grain; classic men’s fashion is also influenced this season by bolder patterns and colors. So don’t feel that black and blue are the only preferred color for your custom suit. An angled peak lapel and buttonholes both with topstitching is a standout feature. This look is appealing and wearable for every man giving your custom made classic suit a crisp and modern feel. It is also important to spark your creativity when choosing your lining; this settle way of adding color can attract the right kind of attention from women getting them to notice you and your sense of style.

With the fashion and professional world still fascinated by the classic look of the 50’s and 60’s, your tailor made Michael Sahi power suit will be a timeless treasure that can go anywhere. By selecting wrinkle resistant wool fabrics for your custom made double-breasted suit, you can stay looking polished while traveling by car or by plane, this is ideal for the upcoming holiday season. By just adding your favorite pair of jeans in your suitcase you can achieve multiple looks with one suit jacket which is very essential with today’s pricey luggage fees. Now you can be in control of your own destiny; travel the world or go from work to play with ease and comfort.

To see the large array of fabric and style choices offered at Michael’s Custom Clothes contact us today and schedule an consultation with one of our wardrobe consultants.

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Father’s Day Special Sale !!!

May 27th, 2011 Comments off

It is Spring-time and the weather is getting warmer. As we head into summer we have an opportunity to stop and remember those who helped us become who we are today, those who supported us as we grew up and shaped and molded us into the men and women we are today, our fathers.

Father’s Day is fast approaching and we all want to give dad that special gift that he won’t soon forget. All too often Dad is only remembered with ordinary, mostly forgettable gifts that are soon worn out and forgotten. This year why not give Dad something he can really use, and remember you by, a gift of custom made slacks, or a finely tailored shirt made just for him. Maybe he’d like a sports coat or some casual wear for the weekend. No matter what you choose, Michael’s Custom Clothes can help.

You can give him such a gift and more and it can be as easy as making a phone call. It is possible to provide your Father with a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year and for years to come with a little assistance from our tailors at Michael’s Custom Clothes. No matter your location, we can help you give Dad a gift he’ll remember. We travel all over the United States on a regular basis and most likely would be able to meet with you in person to help you visualize what you want to give, and how to make it all happen. We also have gift certificates available for that last minute gift which he can easily redeem because we do travel over the entire United States on a regular basis click here. And besides you’ll be giving him that irresistible experience and the special pampering and service that you can only get by having our fine tailors and style consultants fit his special gift to him.

Here is how easy it could work. If your father is already a customer at Michael’s Custom Clothes then it is as easy as a phone call to order him something that you know he will like already. We keep sizes and fabric preferences on file and our style consultants can help you choose something that your Dad will love. If your father has yet to experience the personalized one on one service provided by Michael’s Custom Clothes then he is in for a treat. In fact he may never want to go back to the old way he bought clothes. When you give him a Gift Certificate from Michael’s Custom Clothes he can redeem it whenever he wants, as our tailors and style consultants travel throughout the country and can meet with him when they are in your area. He will be measured and will be given assistance in determining the styles and fabrics which are most flattering to him and his preferences. Then the magic begins. Our tailors will take this information and then handcraft a garment he will be proud to wear, and even more proud to tell everyone who gave it to him and where it came from.

And just in time for Father’s Day we have a terrific sale which you won’t want to pass up. Take a look at just some of our block buster prices below:

4 Cotton Blend Shirts for $199.00
6 100% Sea Island or Egyptian Cotton Shirts for $499.00
3 Slacks and 3 Shirts for $699.00
1 Suit and 2 Shirts for $659.00
2 Super 120 Suits and 6 Cotton Blend Shirts for $1,299.00
1 Super 150’s Suit and 1 Cotton Shirt for $799.00
Selected Dormeuil Suits for $1,195.00 each

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Made To Measure or Bespoke?

April 13th, 2011 Comments off

Made To Measure or Bespoke?

Have you ever wondered about the now popular Made-to-Measure shirts that are becoming more and more available on the market? Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a Made-to-Measure shirt vs. Bespoke, or Custom Made clothing? Worry no more, we have your answer.

The shirt may be the most basic of garments which you may order, but a well made custom tailored (Bespoke) shirt can compliment your suit and enhance your entire persona. Whether you opt to go with a basic white, or if you would like to enhance your look with a splash of spring colors or patterns a fine tailored shirt often brightens up your appearance.

Made-to-Measure shirts (or other garments) are just that, made to be measured and then altered to fit you when you place your order. Various components of the shirts are cut and waiting for an order to come in and then by using just a couple of measurements they put them all together into one finished shirt. Bespoke shirts on the other hand are custom tailored to fit you correctly the first time A quality custom made shirt requires much more than just a neck and sleeve measurement, in fact each garment is individually cut and sized to fit your body, keeping in mind all the aspects of your individual body shape and size.

Likewise a Made-to-Measure shirt is limited in what choices the manufacturer has to offer. Since their shirts are made of various components there is only a limited number of variations available to be sewn together to make the complete shirt. Bespoke shirts however do not have any such limit. Your ability to design your own clothing is limited only by your own imagination. Yes, you can choose various styles from a catalog to create your own personal style, but these choices are by no means a limit to what is available to you on your own custom made shirts from Michael’s Custom Clothes. Here you can adapt an existing style to your taste, or design something new and completely original.

A well made Bespoke shirt from Michael’s Custom Clothes is tailored to fit you with only you in mind. Every aspect can have your own personal touch and pizzazz, collars, cuffs, button styles, and even monograms are individually designed and selected by and for you and only you. This way we can guarantee you that you will look, and feel your best when wearing a custom made shirt from Michael’s Custom Clothes.

Cuff Styles

Cuff Styles

Pocket Styles

Pocket Styles

Back Styles

Back Styles

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Fall 2010 Fashion Trends

September 28th, 2010 Comments off

picture3_3-buttonsbreast2Summer 2010 is now history. The children are back in school, and summer vacation time has passed us by. We adults are back at work now as well.

Just as the new season means that children are wearing new clothes at school, the fashion world is entering a new season and there are new styles and trends in fashion, which you will want to keep up with. And you can do that with help from the professional wardrobe consultants here at Michael’s Custom Clothes.

Fall 2010 Fashion trends are exciting and new, while keeping in step with the tried and true favorites of the past. This year fashionable suits are the trend. Even for young professionals who may have avoided dressing up as their grandfathers did to head off to the office, a nice stylish suit and tie has come to be a fashion necessity in this fast paced economy. Since first impressions are so vital in business it is important that your style says something about you and how up to date your wardrobe is speaks volumes. Why not let Michael’s Custom Clothes help you to make your best statement about yourself through your wardrobe.

This years trends are heading back to older styles, but with a modern twist, which makes them fun and exciting. One example of this is the quasi-military motif that many of the famous designers are adding to their collections this year. They are taking their lead, not from the way our current military dresses, but rather from early 20th Century soldiers. Many aspects of World War I and World War II uniforms are being re-invented and restyled into men’s fashion trends this year.

Another change with this season is the cut of the suit. For the last several years suits were cut much fuller for a baggier look. Spring and summer trends this year went for a more stylish, European or Italian cut which tended to look rather young and boyish. This fall the cuts are fuller, but still nowhere near the baggy look of the past. In fact the Italian cut for suits is still very popular, but instead they are cut just a little more loosely, giving a more masculine appearance. Don’t misunderstand. Slim is still in, but now it is a more relaxed manly version. It is much better to return to work this fall looking like an experienced gentleman, rather than returning with the boyish trends, which were popular earlier in the year.

As with every season there are new fabrics to be explored. As cooler weather approaches wools and heavier fabrics become trendier. Don’t be afraid to try something new and exciting while retaining your classic style. One new trend this season is velvets. Whether you want an entire sports coat in velvet, or prefer just to add a little velvet to your jacket’s lapels for a modern sexy appearance. Also men’s accessories are very popular this season. Some men are even opting for masculine styled broaches to wear on their suits’ lapels. There are many styles of accessories to men’s fashions this season allowing one to go with a classic look or something more youthful and trendy.

Look forward towards new modern twists on old favorites. You’ll still want that slimmer Italian cut suit, but with a more comfortable adult and masculine feel. The military stylings are bringing a rugged masculine look to a classic tailored look. Be aware that suit jackets are trending to be a couple centimeters shorter than they have been in the past. But at the same time classic overcoats are tending to be a little longer than in the past. Some men are even wearing them to near floor length.

But most of all have fun with your wardrobe. Remember that your wardrobe speaks volumes about you before you even have a chance to open your mouth. In this economy that first impression can make a huge difference in your life and the lives of your family. Make sure to visit with your tailor early this season so that your appearance will speak of your success and confidence.

Here at Michael’s Custom Clothes we specialize in accommodating our clients’ personal style and fashion needs with expert advice and unsurpassed service. We keep abreast of all the styling trends and can help you determine which styles and fabrics best suit you and your personality. Come check out our new fabrics and threads from Europe and Asia which include all the newest color and fashion trends for both shirts and suits for the new season.

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Father’s Day Specials!

May 10th, 2010 Comments off

Father’s Day is right around the corner. What does this mean for you? A necktie and a dinner out with the family? Why not make it more than that?? Mark it as the first day of the rest of your stylish life! Compliment that necktie you’ll be receiving with a custom suit or shirt.

With the wardrobe you currently have, you might be set in a certain style. Don’t be afraid to update! Your family bought you a necktie — shock them by bringing your style into the 21st Century and your Father’s Day will never be average again.

The very special promotions I’ve designed below will offer you far more than a traditional “off the rack” suit. Father’s Day is the perfect time of year to shop for Men’s Clothing, just not at department stores where the cookie cutter designs and cheap fabrics will do nothing to make you the best dressed Dad in the room.

These special offers afford you the following:

A: A guaranteed perfect fit.

B: A hand made / hand stitched garment of the highest quality you’ll find anywhere

C: The option to mix and match styles / design schemes to your heart’s content.

D: The option to personally hand pick the fabrics from which we will craft your order.

D: The likelihood of becoming the Sharpest Dressed Dad in your local vicinity and wherever else you may travel.

6 Cotton Blend Shirts for $399
2 Shirts and 2 Pairs of Slacks for  $499
6 100 % Cotton Shirts for $499
1 Suit and 3 Shirts for $699
2 Suits and 2 Shirts for $999

The above specials extend tremendous value when you factor in the quality of a hand made (as opposed to mass produced) shirt, suit, or slacks that you will be wearing for years to come. The highly personalized service, custom fit, and freedom of choice are perks and privileges a department store can never offer you.

Call us for a free consultation @ 877-SUITMAKER. We have a showroom in the Los Angeles area and travel to most major cities on a regular schedule.

Treat Dad to the most stylish gift of all this year!
How about treating Dad to something nicer than that tired old necktie! Keep Dad looking sharp and call us @ 877-SUITMAKER to order a Michael’s Custom Clothes Gift Card. You choose the value – use the specially priced packages above to guide you! If not, we have neckties too, of the highest quality silk! Go the distance, and make this a Father’s Day he’ll never forget.

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The Architecture of the Custom Suit

February 23rd, 2010 No comments
Hand picking along lapel.

Hand picking along lapel.

According to legendary architect Mies Van Der Rhoe, “God is in the details.” The very same could be said in relation to the custom made suit. One of the principal advantages to ordering custom clothing is the freedom and choice afforded to you. Selecting the cloth your suit is cut from is not where this adventure ends. When having a custom suit made, you play the role of designer and retain the power to make any fashion statement your heart desires.

As the architect of your own style, you can select from a stunning array of pocket styles, button styles, stitching styles, lapel styles, vent styles, etc. You can create a suit with more of a classic cut and a timeless silhouette, or you can go all out and create something completely unique and outrageous. The decision is yours and yours alone.

There is NO extra charge for any of the endless options available to you. Take a look at what some of our clients selected as unique flourishes for their suits below, and consider the possibilities for your own hand-made, custom suit.

Functional button holes on sleeve

Functional button holes on sleeve.

Inside finish with sweat guards.

Inside finish with sweat guards.

Slanted pipe ticket pockets with hidden zippers

Slanted pipe ticket pockets with hidden zippers.

Polka Dot Lining

Polka dot lining.

Cuff on jacket sleeves.

Cuff on jacket sleeves.

Loops and buttons on jacket sleeves.

Loops and buttons on jacket sleeves.

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