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A Guide To Festive Clothes For Men !

December 14th, 2015 Comments off

Bringing the holiday cheer through your wardrobe.
It’s November and in just a few weeks it will be Christmas time. No matter where you are, and at what party you’ll have to take part because Christmas season is always a symbol of elegance, a time in which every man can express his essence of gentleman and feel important.


Festive clothes are something we think all men should enjoy. Around the holiday filled season, if you want to dress sharp yet bright for a Christmas party or New Year’s Eve, you can do that without a lot of effort, but with a lot of impact. The best way to show off your holiday style is to make sure your clothes fit will, whether to only wear the suit a few times or suit are part of your everyday wardrobe, a custom tailored suit will make a statement. And there is no better time to splurge on yourself than the holidays.
Obtaining a subtle, yet powerful holiday look that will be memorable years to come is simple and can be achieved by anyone. To obtain this look, Michael Sahi has put together some tips anyone can use. We encourage you to take what fits you and your style, and not to consider these are unbreakable rules.
In essence, we want you to wear the same things you normally wear, it is unnecessary to break or leave your style. The trick is to add a holiday twist to it. A holiday twist, as we like to put it, is something that says “winter holidays” without spelling it out or representing it in a obvious form, such as a big print of a Christmas tree or Santa.


Identifying subtle motifs
How to identify holiday motifs that are not too obvious? It is quite simple, actually. We always say that beauty is everywhere and that you can find your inspiration not just in runway shows and stores. Look around yourself and see what the surroundings are at this time of year. Go beyond the shapes and see what colors, patterns, types of shine and textures appear. You will notice that you can turn the holiday decor into clothes very easily. Having a few shirts custom tailored can ensure your style vision comes to life.


Colors, textures, shine
In terms of colors, you will probably identify not only green and red adobe photoshop cs5 full. These two colors, even though they are individually very bright and strong, go well together, as they are complimentary colors (meaning they are on opposite sides of the color spectrum) and therefore can be matched well. Did you think the holidays were poorly matched? If you aren’t a fan of red and green together, Michael’s Custom Clothes can help you put together a holiday color palette you will be proud to wear.


Other things you might notice around you are the wonderful patterns that seem to emerge this time of year. From checkers to beige drawings, you will see it all. Try to incorporate these as well. If you don’t want to go too obvious, you can simply wear a pocket square with a holiday staple.

Outfit Suggestions
1) Wear a colorful tuxedo or jacket
We are huge fans of colorful tuxedos. They are holiday-appropriate, and make a great visual impact. While generally a tuxedo is black, a colorful one will keep the elegant and formal tone, but it will express a lot of cheer and can be worn at a Christmas party or on New Year’s Eve. Of course, you don’t necessarily need to wear a tuxedo, you can also take your regular blazer or jacket to the next level.
A tuxedo can be special not only in terms of color, but also in terms of fabric: here is a wonderful green velvet tuxedo, perfect for a New Year’s party.


2) Wear a vest
A vest is an appropriate piece for the holidays (and in general too). It’s functional, because it keeps you warm, but it is also very stylish, as it adds a layer to your outfit, creating visual interest. A festive vest can turn any outfit into a holiday outfit, so make sure you have those vests handy.


3) Wear accessories
Accessories are generally a great way to express who you are without having to spell it out to someone. Wear a tie clip, a watch or a pocket square to show your personality off, and why not give them a Christmas feel?


4) Shine your shoes

We encourage you to wear shiny shoes. While many men fear wearing them, show your courage this Christmas by putting on a fancy pair of shoes (the type of shoes – we’ll leave that up to you).
In conclusion, it is easy to be stylish around the holidays. Although holiday attire that isn’t too over the top may be hard to find, we at Michael’s Custom Clothes can take any shirt, suit, vest, or jacket and make it custom to your preference, whether you’re looking to go bold or just stay festive through the new year.

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Dressing for Success: A Comprehensive Guide !

October 14th, 2015 Comments off

Dress For success

Some men make it look so easy, don’t they?
They seem to have a natural sense of what looks good on them and what doesn’t. But for you, the learning curve seems ever so steep.
You want to look your best, but you feel clueless about fashion and style, and nothing you try seems to fall together right.
Well, it’s not all your fault.
You were taught how to dress yourself when you were young, but I bet you were never taught how to dress well. Nobody ever taught you what makes an outfit work and what doesn’t.
Today you’ll discover a few tips that will clear some things up for you and eventually you’ll be one of those men who make it look easy.
Here’s a secret, one item that fits is worth ten that don’t. Clothes that fit properly are nearly impossible to find off the rack — especially shirts and jackets. Yet the fit of your clothes largely determines whether they make you look sharp or sloppy. It is better to have a few shirts that make you look sharp rather than dozens that make you look sloppy. Having your clothes tailored as needed is a better investment than just buying more and more clothes.
Just try it and you’ll see what a difference it makes.
Dress For success_1

Tip #1: Have at Least One Good Suit in the Closet
No matter what your job is, you’re going to need a decent suit at some point. If you’re in a field where you’re going to wear one regularly you should look for a variety of colors and styles; if you just need a single suit for infrequent dress occasions stick with a classic single-breasted, two-button suit in charcoal gray or navy blue.
Spend the time and money to ensure that your suit fits properly. It’s worth the effort — sized suits are made to general measurements, and not all of them are going to be a perfect fit for you. A good tailor can make the small changes that take your suit from looking mediocre to perfect for you. The hem of the pant should break at the top of the shoes and the jacket sleeve should end at the joint of the wrist and hand. The shirt cuff should extend a quarter- to a half-inch below the jacket sleeve.

Dress For success_2

Tip #2: Build from White and Blue Shirts
Buying a well fitted dress shirt requires neck and arm length measurements that can’t usually be summed up by small, medium, and large. The neck fit should abide by the one finger rule: you should be able to fit one finger in between the collar and your neck. This allows you to retain sharpness while maintaining comfort. Find a shirt that fits close to your torso to create a sleek line. White and light blue cotton dress shirts are the backbone to a sharp wardrobe. A well-ironed, all cotton, white or light blue shirt with a point or buttoned-down collar is the best choice to wear with your suit. The shirt should be a solid color. If possible, spend a few extra dollars to get the shirt professionally ironed at the dry cleaners.

Dress For success_3

Tip #3: Dress Your Footwear Up
Classic footwear is just as important as classic clothing. A traditional school of thought that’s still alive and well claims you can judge a man by his shoes. If you’ve never owned really good shoes before, brace yourself and get ready to pay a significant amount of money for well-made, classic footwear. Shoes should be leather, black and polished in a simple style. Socks should match your pants or shoes and be long enough to cover your shins. Never wear white socks with your suit!

Dress For success_4

Tip 4: Don’t Forget the Details, Collars and Lapels
The finer details must not be neglected when choosing a suit generic cialis india. The specs of your suit is just as important as the color, material and fit. The lapel tends to be the focal point of a suit jacket. The common lapel for everyday office wear is the standard notch lapel. The notch lapel comes in various widths. A lapel that is on the slimmer side is the most current fashion and will give you a more modern look. Different collar styles can also be used to complement your features. The straight collar is a classic standby works for any man, in any suit and with any necktie knot. You can’t go wrong with this time-tested fail-safe.

Dress For success_5

Tip #5: Accessorize Carefully
A suit can be made minimal or elaborate by choosing the appropriate accessories. Accessories will complete and personalize your outfit. If you want to add to some louder pieces to your suit without the risk of looking overdone, we recommend going bolder with one or two elements. The tie bar is a classic way to keep your tie out of your way and also create a put together look. Knowing how to pair a tie with your suit is key to centering your outfit. The necktie gives a long vertical line down your torso, creating a slimming effect, a silk tie with a simple stripe or repeating pattern works well.

Dress For success_6

Dressing well is easier than you think.
The man might make the clothes, but a perfectly tailored suit will leave you looking you best with skyrocketing confidence. And when you want a high quality suit that can last a lifetime, whether you’re shopping for the first perfectly tailor made suit or simply the latest addition to your wardrobe, visiting the right suit tailor is an addicting experience.
Focus on the basics. And before you know it, you’ll be putting awesome outfits together with barely any thought.
You’ll be the one that seems to have a natural sense of style.
You’ll be the one other men look at and think, “How does he do it?”
You’ll be the one that makes it look so easy.

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Michael’s Custom Clothes is proud to announce that our Autumn/Winter collection is now available for purchase !

August 26th, 2015 Comments off

Now is the time to get started on exploring some of your best fall fashion ideas! Here at Michael’s Custom Clothes, we are now featuring our best fall lineup to date. With an array of jackets, slacks, shirts, and ties that each exude an amazing level of individual style, quality, and- of course- personality; you will never go wrong choosing from brands such as Armani, Marzoni, Dormeuil, Thomas Mason, Scabal, and Valentino.

Two of the most essential things that separate our stock this season from the rest are versatility and adaptability, as our fabrics are well suited to a wide range of environments and our offerings can equally be adapted to any occasion. If it is simplicity you are looking for (as has been the trend lately,) then Michael’s will consistently pull off the trying task of giving you simple without giving you dull. For this purpose, we are offering specials on our understated yet eloquent cashmere wool blend suits- that just happen to be made of fabric perfect for autumn. These materials are cool and breathable yet highly durable and will allow you to move freely without feeling at all constrained. We also carry a silk and wool blend mix if you are looking for just a touch more flare. Whether the mercury stays stubbornly high into September, or we mercifully cool down- these outfits will keep you comfortable

For outright sophistication, go with the combination of 3 Marzoni suits and 3 Thomas Mason Shirts on sale for a very special price of $2,999.

Marzoni of Italy manufactures some of the highest quality imported fabrics that you can find this side of the Atlantic. You can choose dark colors this season and accent with cuffs for slacks to stay in line with prevailing trends. The slimmed-down look, without too much excess fabric, is still the way to go with these suits. Some trending colors from Marzoni’s selection include the striking velvet brown, dark navy plaid, dark grey/ brick red plaid, and the bold and beautiful blue/black herringbone stripe. As discussed in the previous blog, French fine imported cloth maker Dormeuil continues to impress with its Iconik brand fabric that is sure to be wildly popular into this fall season. Woven from Australian Merino wool, which is known the world around as one of the finest wools on the market today, Dormeuil has hit the mark with Iconik. Dark blues, grays, and browns are currently some of the most highly sought after colors from the Iconik line. You are sure to stand out from the monotony of the crowd with any of these wonderful hues, and we are anxious to get you sporting these fresh new looks and much more!

Be sure to check out Scabal’s newly release Autumn/Winter lineup, some samples of which are pictured here:



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Tecnik® by Dormeuil for Fathers Day

June 18th, 2015 Comments off

These days we are deluged with “Smart” products: Smart phones, smart televisions, even smart cars. Would you believe that technology has also provided us with “Smart Fabrics”? One of our finest lines of fabrics here at Michael’s Custom Clothes, Dormeuil is at the cutting edge of innovation with their Tecnik® line. This fabric is a new revolutionary creation.

Resulting from several years’ research, Tecnik® by Dormeuil is a high-performance, intelligent fabric continuing the previous successes of Sportex®, Tonik®, and Laser®. This fabric combines elegance with comfort.

No matter what the weather conditions are, Tecnik® fabrics can regulate the interior temperature of the garment which offers an incomparable feeling of comfort and well being. If you are experiencing either a heat wave or a cold snap the fabric can sense the external temperature and either keep you warm or cool. This is the answer to one of the biggest issues we face in the summer, sweltering temperatures outdoors, but generally quite cool inside due to air conditioners that are running full blast all summer long.

Please contact Michael Sahi at (303) 888-2479 to see some samples of this innovative cloth using new technology for thermo-regulation. Tecnik® by Dormeuil is a fabric that adapts to ambient temperature!

This fabric is available in many colors and patterns. You are sure to find exactly what you are looking for in suiting fabrics. Available in Super 120’s with a weight of 8.5 oz. the fabric is ideal for all your suiting needs. In fact a Suit, or a Pair of Slacks for Father’s Day would make a great gift for the fathers in your life. Fathers Day is fast approaching please contact us as soon as possible to make your Fathers Day purchases.

Whether you choose to have something made for him or if you’d rather give a gift certificate, we can assist you in making his Fathers Day special. If you choose to get a gift certificate you can purchase it easily and the person receiving it can use it at any time. It does NOT expire.

We have new several newSpring and Summer fabrics available to choose from.

Check out our current specials:

• 1 SUIT AND 3 SHIRTS FOR $699.00
• 3 SUPER 120’S SUITS FOR $1,199.00
• 3 SUPER 160’S SUITS AND 3 VESTS FOR $1,999.00

Call Michael’s Custom Clothes today at: (818) 981-5738 or E-mail us at:

fathers day

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Savvy Comfort !

January 7th, 2015 Comments off

Now that we are in the New Year it is always nice to start the year off fresh with new clothing. Styles change from season to season and it is nice to add variety to your wardrobe by including some newer styles to your repertoire.

This winter brings us more comfort. For the last couple of years the styles for men’s suits have been slim, slim, and slimmer. While it is great to show off your slim silhouette if you have it, comfort has been sacrificed for style. Not so with this season’s styles. Comfort is coming back in style. You will find that suits are a bit roomier this season, allowing for more freedom of movement and comfort. Take a look at the picture here as this dancer is able to move freely without the constraints of a slimmer cut pair of slacks.

However don’t expect to return to the baggy suit styles that were popular a couple of years ago. Comfort does not mean lots of extra fabric hanging all over you. This season’s style is still classic and accents your silhouette while still allowing for freedom of movement The slim European cut is still popular. But the new style allows for more comfort while still looking fresh and stylish.

Many of the designers are trying to make men’s wardrobes more voluminous again, however most retailers are balking at this trend since it took so long to get their customers to try the slimmer styles. This season’s trend is a compromise, keeping the slim classic cut, but adding a little more comfort and room to move around.

Notice that the suit on the right still accents the model’s slim build, but at the same time offers some freedom of movement and comfort that the slim European cut suits of late have denied us. Style plus comfort is now in fashion and would make a great addition to your own personal wardrobe and style.

Michael Sahi offers many new fabrics which lend themselves perfectly to this new more relaxed cut suit. Give him a call to get his help in designing your new style. He can walk you through all the new trends in men’s wear this season and throughout the coming years.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call here at Michael’s Custom Clothes. You will be glad that you year

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Cuffs on Suit Jacket !

September 30th, 2014 Comments off

The next time you order a suit there is one feature that has almost been forgotten in men’s suits. On classic English suits one feature of a suit jacket is a cuff on the sleeve. Too often that detail has been forgotten on modern suits. However this is one of the marks of a fine crafted suit. Cuffs on Suit Jackets are extremely popular in Europe this season and you might want to consider having cuffs added to your next suit. Ask Michael Sahi about the different styles of cuffs that can be added to your jacket to add some style and pizzazz to your wardrobe

Michael’s Custom Clothes offers a wide variety of styles that you can choose from as you plan your wardrobe. Michael can help direct you to sleeve styles that would both flatter you and add that special something that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Suit Jackets in the past were much more utilitarian than they are today. For example The buttons that are on the cuffs of most jackets are not usually functional today, however in the past the buttons were completely functional and could be unbuttoned so that you could roll up your jacket sleeves much like you would roll up a shirt’s sleeves. These cuffs are generally called surgeon’s cuffs as the area of London, Seville Row which is known today for Bespoke tailors used to be headquarters for many surgeons. So next time you go to order a suit keep cuffs in mind.

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July 2nd, 2014 Comments off

When the month of June comes around, seersucker season has begun at Michael’s Custom Clothes! Remaining cool and feeling comfortable can be demanding for men that wear suits in the warmer summer months. Whether you’re attending a business meeting on a golf course, or simply dressing up on a warm day; the comfort of wearing a seersucker suit can boast a well-heard statement about your wardrobe being rounded in regards to your “dapper-adaptability” during the mid-year heat. In fact, for over a century, seersucker garments have been the most iconic of summer outfitting in the United States. At Michael’s custom clothes, seersucker suiting is not only popular, but chic when styled in the bounds of elegance.

Here at Michael’s, a 2-button seersucker blazer is perfect for dressing up any casual outfit. Within the versatility of Michael Sahi’s summer styling, our gentlemen dress down their seersucker jacket with linen slacks and in some cases even denim jeans. Tapered seersucker slacks with a pleated front and cuffed bottoms have become a very trendy and popular fit among our customers. A custom-made blazer produced in seersucker fabric has become a major hit among West Coast “fashionistos”. Its traditional stripe pattern is a classical favorite depicted in the portrayal of American southern swagger.

Gentlemen have been coming to Michael Sahi for years to get seersucker suits. This summer in the Deep South; Michael Sahi has made pink and white seersuckers with a loose baggy drape, contrasting perfectly with your pair of white shoes In some cases, the bolder seersucker patrons wear a straw Panama hat and bowtie with suspenders to complete the traditional southern appeal. An audacious impression is made by this manner of outfit; it projects the attitude that an individual is impervious to what others think when pertaining to how he or she dresses up. Like the infamous pink seersucker of Robert Redford in his infamous portrayal of the great “Jay Gatsby”. The double breasted peak lapel seersucker suit worn by Leonardo Dicaprio in his later depiction of the Great Gatsby proves that the style is here to stay.

Most of our clientele have a job that requires dressing up; and this can present problems in the warmer climates which are easily solved with seersucker suiting from Michael’s Custom Clothes. The ease of wearing a seersucker suit is attributed to its aerated comfort; though the feel is that of an attractive suit. Our seersucker fabrics are lightweight and made from cotton; the grain-like stripes are arranged in a variety of color combinations, catering to the circumstantial styles of differentiated warmer climates where our clients reside. Michael Sahi can style your next seersucker suit to perfection.

Today it remains the most characteristic of all Michael’s suiting fabrics; its unique and ubiquitous fashion has been implemented by those who utilize the benefits which the garments provide, most importantly of which is being Cool! At Michael’s Custom Clothes, we collect an array of seersucker suiting fabrics with a wide-range assortment of colors, and numerous styling options for your new summer outfit! Let us tailor your next seersucker suit! Call now for more information and schedule an appointment for your fitting!



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Summer Collection 2014 !

May 22nd, 2014 Comments off

After the Winter most of us endured this year, we are all looking forward to Spring and Summer like never before.  This year the Spring and Summer collections of fabrics from Michael’s Custom Clothes are looking bright and colorful with light and breezy fabrics which will be comfortable yet stylish in the warmer months ahead.

This season, you can have Michael Sahi help you look for large checks and plaids, as well as more conventional smaller plaid fabrics.  Custom made suits and jackets in light blue and other cooler colors are extremely popular this season as well as brighter colored shirts and accessories will make your image pop this Spring and Summer.

Fabrics that are especially important among bespoke customers this season are seersuckers, cottons and linens.  These fabrics tend to breathe well and come in many classic and popular colors and prints viagra otc.  As stated above in the bespoke market plaids are big this season, but so are whimsical prints and other summery details.

The popular fit for hand made suits and jackets is still classic slim and form fitting, but tend to be a little more relaxed this year than in previous seasons.

Custom made dress shirts are also big this season, and there are thousands of fabric patterns to choose from.  Michael Sahi can direct you to bright colors and whimsical prints which are extremely popular among bespoke customers; however there is also a huge variety of plaid and striped fabrics to choose from as well.

Michael Sahi looks forward to being able to serve you and help you design your own personal wardrobe here at Michael’s Custom Clothes.  We would love to be able to help you celebrate the summer in style with a new and exciting outlook custom made appearance available only from your private tailors at Michael’s Custom Clothes.

summer 2 summer

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Casual Holiday Festivities Complete with a Blazer !!

November 18th, 2013 Comments off

The average holiday season is filled with family gatherings, office parties and plenty of visiting with friends. Not every event requires you to wear something formal or something in the traditional holiday colors. If you are looking for a more relaxed look this year Michael Sahi has something in mind that will allow you to be festive, stylish and well put together.


This blazer is a perfect piece to incorporate into your holiday that offers versatility in the wear.  The brown herringbone wool blend fabric is great for the winter months because it is durable enough to withstand the harsh winter weather but the lightweight fabric is perfect for layering. Stepping away from tradition, it is distinctive without taking too big of step. A feature to take note of is the patchwork pockets which are a great accent piece that come in a range of sizes and shapes.  This pocket adds a distinctive detail and helps to streamline your garment keeping you looking well dressed but not over-dressed.


Often we have blogged that velvet is the go to fabric for the season, but this year let’s keep in mind that it doesn’t always have to be worn in the traditional way.  What makes this blazer festive is the chocolate velvet peak lapel collar; the elegant feature detail doesn’t limit you, instead the subtle accent transforms this blazer from basic to classy. Now, you can go from work to the office holiday festivities and even your religious ceremonies without concern of being properly dressed.  The added pocket trim in velvet is also decorative element and with the perfect pocket square it will really make your outfit pop.


We are always looking to incorporate pieces into our wardrobe that allows us to change up our look from time to time.  For more ideas of how to mix this look with what currently in your closet contact Michael Sahi, your fashion stylist.



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The Distinguished Men of Michael’s Custom Clothes

May 29th, 2013 Comments off

Over time distinguished men have contributed to the standard uniform of men’s clothing with subtle touches that are not necessarily overtly spectacular. They know that the luxurious simplicity of a well tailor suit is more then stringing together of objects but states a firm grasp and understanding of personal style. Never out of place in the universally appropriate suit and refuses to be confined with off the rack clothing; this man is a Michael’s Custom Clothes man; he is a man of fashion.

The lifestyle of Michael Sahi’s clientele signifies their styling choices. The trendy L.A. business men tend to gravitate towards the styles of the single breasted suits with a European twist. For years they have embraced the slimming notch lapels but recently have changed to the more pronounced peak lapel. Since these men enjoy warmer weather and sunnier days lighter weight fabrics such as tropical cool wrinkle free Super 150’s Wools are perfect for their carefree lifestyles. Taking note of the fashionable streets of Rodeo Dr. and Sunset Boulevard their daring approach to color is proof that they are trend setters who are not afraid to wear bolder hue shirts and ties such as the very popular Monterey Bay blue reminiscent of the blue sea.

Michael has developed a faithful following from preaches and clergy men in many southern and Midwestern states adobe master collection cs6 full. Even though they have a more conservative approach to life they are not afraid of being a little daring in the designing details. The re-emerging double breasted suits are a favorite with these men who enjoy certain added elements like hacking and tickets pockets, side vents, hand picking stitching and sleeve buttons on their jackets. Their conservative nature is always pushed aside with the overly vibrant hidden suit lining; some may continue to express their individuality with their personal signature stitched inside.

The clientele that exist in the eastern coastal line take their fashion a little more conservatively even though their lifestyle is vibrant and ever moving. Navy and black is their color of choice but by adding a pin or a chalk stripe gives these Wall Street elites and Washington’s political movers and shakers the right kind of edge. They interfuse into the conservative look the classic expanded or tab waistband that allows the belt to be substituted with a pair of suspenders that can offer a dash of color and gives an eccentric appeal. Accessories such as ties and pocket squares are used to turn heads; some even wear bow ties as their signature trademark making their own fashion statement.

These distinguished men of Michael’s Custom Clothes have contributed to men’s fashion by creating their own signature look that is admired by their peers. No matter if his standard of uniform is conservative, edgy or laid back he chooses to wear Michael Sahi because he knows fashion. With Father’s Day just a few weeks away give your father a gift card from Michael’s Custom Clothes and you will give him the opportunity to develop a style that represents his lifestyle and professional surroundings. Call us today for a gift that has no limitations on style.

Distinguished Man

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