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Fall 2010 Fashion Trends

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picture3_3-buttonsbreast2Summer 2010 is now history. The children are back in school, and summer vacation time has passed us by. We adults are back at work now as well.

Just as the new season means that children are wearing new clothes at school, the fashion world is entering a new season and there are new styles and trends in fashion, which you will want to keep up with. And you can do that with help from the professional wardrobe consultants here at Michael’s Custom Clothes.

Fall 2010 Fashion trends are exciting and new, while keeping in step with the tried and true favorites of the past. This year fashionable suits are the trend. Even for young professionals who may have avoided dressing up as their grandfathers did to head off to the office, a nice stylish suit and tie has come to be a fashion necessity in this fast paced economy. Since first impressions are so vital in business it is important that your style says something about you and how up to date your wardrobe is speaks volumes. Why not let Michael’s Custom Clothes help you to make your best statement about yourself through your wardrobe.

This years trends are heading back to older styles, but with a modern twist, which makes them fun and exciting. One example of this is the quasi-military motif that many of the famous designers are adding to their collections this year. They are taking their lead, not from the way our current military dresses, but rather from early 20th Century soldiers. Many aspects of World War I and World War II uniforms are being re-invented and restyled into men’s fashion trends this year.

Another change with this season is the cut of the suit. For the last several years suits were cut much fuller for a baggier look. Spring and summer trends this year went for a more stylish, European or Italian cut which tended to look rather young and boyish. This fall the cuts are fuller, but still nowhere near the baggy look of the past. In fact the Italian cut for suits is still very popular, but instead they are cut just a little more loosely, giving a more masculine appearance. Don’t misunderstand. Slim is still in, but now it is a more relaxed manly version. It is much better to return to work this fall looking like an experienced gentleman, rather than returning with the boyish trends, which were popular earlier in the year.

As with every season there are new fabrics to be explored. As cooler weather approaches wools and heavier fabrics become trendier. Don’t be afraid to try something new and exciting while retaining your classic style. One new trend this season is velvets. Whether you want an entire sports coat in velvet, or prefer just to add a little velvet to your jacket’s lapels for a modern sexy appearance. Also men’s accessories are very popular this season. Some men are even opting for masculine styled broaches to wear on their suits’ lapels. There are many styles of accessories to men’s fashions this season allowing one to go with a classic look or something more youthful and trendy.

Look forward towards new modern twists on old favorites. You’ll still want that slimmer Italian cut suit, but with a more comfortable adult and masculine feel. The military stylings are bringing a rugged masculine look to a classic tailored look. Be aware that suit jackets are trending to be a couple centimeters shorter than they have been in the past. But at the same time classic overcoats are tending to be a little longer than in the past. Some men are even wearing them to near floor length.

But most of all have fun with your wardrobe. Remember that your wardrobe speaks volumes about you before you even have a chance to open your mouth. In this economy that first impression can make a huge difference in your life and the lives of your family. Make sure to visit with your tailor early this season so that your appearance will speak of your success and confidence.

Here at Michael’s Custom Clothes we specialize in accommodating our clients’ personal style and fashion needs with expert advice and unsurpassed service. We keep abreast of all the styling trends and can help you determine which styles and fabrics best suit you and your personality. Come check out our new fabrics and threads from Europe and Asia which include all the newest color and fashion trends for both shirts and suits for the new season.

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