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The ‘Chesterfield’, the Overcoat for Distinguished Gentlemen

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Cary Grant was classified as Hollywood’s leading man. Best know for his dashing good looks and his unparallel sense of style; he was considered the best-dressed man of the 20th Century. Often seen wearing a ‘Chesterfield’ overcoat during the winter months, Mr. Grant’s helped turned this formal overcoat into an everyday staple for the distinguished gentleman.

If you are searching for something to wear this winter that will keep you warm while allowing you to look stylish, and professional then the Chesterfield is ideal for you. This double-breasted overcoat was often described as ‘a formal overcoat’ for centuries but today, just by adjusting the length it has gained flexibility and versatility a well needed factor for today’s man.

Colonizing the runways of Milan and Paris, the Chesterfield redefines longevity with its timeless appeal. The must have survival piece incorporates the double-breasted feature that is making a strong comeback in suit jackets. Made with warm wool, camel hair, or cashmere fibers that supplies you with adequate amount of warmth and while continuing to push the fashion envelope of style savviness. Michael Sahi suggests that be best way to design the “Chesterfield” for the professional men is to; keep it knee-long, without waist seams or front darts, short notched lapel, single back vent or plain back and straight side pockets. Adding a velvet collar you will turn an average business coat into a conversation starter.

Keep in mind, a suit is not always needed for the Chesterfield overcoat. An alternative look for a casual evening out or on the weekends is paired with a dark pair of jeans or slacks, v-neck sweater over a button down shirt and worn with your favorite style of loafers. The more looks you can achieve with your Chesterfield mean a better deal for your wallet.
There are an array of styles to choose from with your overcoat depending on you lifestyle, body type and design esthetics; finding something that works for you will be a breeze. To discover all of your styling options contact your Michael’s Custom Clothes fashion consultant today and in weeks you will be ready to brave even the harsh winds of the windy city while looking graceful and debonair like Mr. Grant.

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