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Father’s Day Specials!

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Father’s Day is right around the corner. What does this mean for you? A necktie and a dinner out with the family? Why not make it more than that?? Mark it as the first day of the rest of your stylish life! Compliment that necktie you’ll be receiving with a custom suit or shirt.

With the wardrobe you currently have, you might be set in a certain style. Don’t be afraid to update! Your family bought you a necktie — shock them by bringing your style into the 21st Century and your Father’s Day will never be average again.

The very special promotions I’ve designed below will offer you far more than a traditional “off the rack” suit. Father’s Day is the perfect time of year to shop for Men’s Clothing, just not at department stores where the cookie cutter designs and cheap fabrics will do nothing to make you the best dressed Dad in the room.

These special offers afford you the following:

A: A guaranteed perfect fit.

B: A hand made / hand stitched garment of the highest quality you’ll find anywhere

C: The option to mix and match styles / design schemes to your heart’s content.

D: The option to personally hand pick the fabrics from which we will craft your order.

D: The likelihood of becoming the Sharpest Dressed Dad in your local vicinity and wherever else you may travel.

6 Cotton Blend Shirts for $399
2 Shirts and 2 Pairs of Slacks for  $499
6 100 % Cotton Shirts for $499
1 Suit and 3 Shirts for $699
2 Suits and 2 Shirts for $999

The above specials extend tremendous value when you factor in the quality of a hand made (as opposed to mass produced) shirt, suit, or slacks that you will be wearing for years to come. The highly personalized service, custom fit, and freedom of choice are perks and privileges a department store can never offer you.

Call us for a free consultation @ 877-SUITMAKER. We have a showroom in the Los Angeles area and travel to most major cities on a regular schedule.

Treat Dad to the most stylish gift of all this year!
How about treating Dad to something nicer than that tired old necktie! Keep Dad looking sharp and call us @ 877-SUITMAKER to order a Michael’s Custom Clothes Gift Card. You choose the value – use the specially priced packages above to guide you! If not, we have neckties too, of the highest quality silk! Go the distance, and make this a Father’s Day he’ll never forget.

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