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A Casual Valentines or Color for the Sun !

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A casualValentine’s Day date is excellent for all stages of relationships. This year, the 14th falls on a Thursday, the perfect day to have a casual date and express budding love or celebrate a love that has stood the test of time. It may seem cliché to wear Valentines’ colors on Valentine’s Day, but Michael Sahi says “why not”?  A burgundy or purple velvet sports blazer over dress shirt is a great casual look. If velvet is a little too extreme for your office, you can always change into it after work making the quick transition from office to play.  This year your styling options are limitless; single and double-breasted blazers are now both in. So choose whatever fits your style the best and you will be fashion forward and eye catching.


If Valentine’s Day is a second thought and you rather have your mind on the soon arriving sunny months, then lets take a look at what the fashion consultant of Michael’s Custom Clothes are forecasting for 2013.


Clothing is the material language of style and your personality is express in each article.  Color is like the crescendo in a musical note or spices to a recipe; they add flavor to life and separates an individual from the mundane sea of navy, gray and brown. This year’s runways are promising a diverse Spring/Summer season filled with eye-popping festival of colors that have some fearing that a sartorial sixth sense of style is needed to incorporate into their daily wardrobe. Step away from the panic button, there is no need for concern; just open your mind to a diverse spectrum of color and brighten up your season.


Before you start pulling out your bold color suits with the matching ties and shoes, adding color to your wardrobe doesn’t have to be so dramatic.  Even though this look has made its stamp in fashion history, today’s fashion forward professionals can incorporate eye popping color without giving up their subtle approach to style. To separate yourself from the masses, the force of your presence can be felt within the hues of your appearance.  Adding a single item of color to your outfit will give you a distinguish sense of style without stepping to far outside your perimeters of comfort. This can be achieved with saturated colors, edgy prints and silky fabrics in your shirts, ties or hankies. For the conservative individuals, a bold colorful lining gives a flash of color while keeping an inconspicuous allure about you.


Men’s wear colors for the spring emphasis the need for balance; the array of energizing bight tones is soothing against the neutrals standards of the season.  Michael Sahi says to take note and anticipate seeing these following colors. Blues in the shade of tidal waves washing onto shore are the driving force when paired with double-breasted pinstriped suits.  The perfect answer to springs khaki essential is mint greens and jeweled tone emerald; a powerful influence for accessories and sportswear.  If you are looking for color that will give your palette a sense of masculinity and stability, Monaco blue naturally provides a neutral anchoring and will define the smoky gray or seersucker suit. Alloy gray, a lightweight alternative to black is a reliable mid-tone hue for warmer months, ideal for staying cool.


If drama and excitement is what you are seeking then Poppy Red and the animated vibrant orange will provide the vigor an enthusiasm your wardrobe desires. While Sunflower robust yellow give a Dijon-like flavor will create a sophisticated update to your standard suits.


Versatility this spring is a must; not only should you add color to your wardrobe you should also alter the standard way of wearing them. Instead of the usual color blocking as seen last spring, try wearing a monochromatic color palette which will add color without looking “matchy”. Fine prints, similar to Versace in the 90’s is key, although it is being shown more in street wear and ready-to-wear but incorporated in small accessories will not take away from your polished professional look.


Now that you have your New Year’s Color Guide start taking inventory of your closet and see what is needed to add some eye-popping color to it. If you’re still not convinced you can pull it off, consult your Michael’s Custom Clothes fashion consultant and allow them to show you how to add color comfortably. Since we are just a few weeks into 2013 you have plenty of time to get ready for a spring full of color so call Michael Sahi today and spring forward with style.

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