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Michael Sahi Brings Back the Roaring Twenties “Mr. Dandy”

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dormeuil-26-13r-copie-resizedThe era of the roaring twenties is swinging back around in men’s fashion; bring with it the resurgence of the “Mr. Dandy”. With TV shows shining the spot light on the dandy man with their style esthetics of being sharply tailored, sexy and all-round immaculate in their appearance is opening the doors to the almost lost craft of the bespoke fashion. Right now you may be asking yourself what is a “Dandy Man”? A dandy is an individual who places particular importance on his physical appearance, language and leisurely hobbies; a self-made individual whose lifestyle imitates that of an aristocrat. Not being afraid of being well dresses or a fashion leader, a dandy man makes no apologies for his love of fashion. If you are a client of Michael Sahi, you could be labeled a “dandy”. Though we do not like to have labels placed on us, being a dandy is nothing to be ashamed of, it just means we understand the essence of men’s fashion and what it means to be well dressed.

Three-piece glen plaid suits are making big hits with Michael’s clientele in preparation for the spring season. Choose soft neutral tones which will break away from the stuffy navy and black shades that are ever so common with individuals who dare not standout in a crowd. The well-tailored garments crafted by the talented tailors of Michael’s Custom Clothes makes wearing a slim fitting suit like this one both stylish and comfortable. But don’t think that you always have to wear all three pieces at he same time; a true dandy will not be afraid to separate the pieces to get the most out of his look. Consider wearing the jacket and vest with a solid pair of pants. If you were fearless with your fashion, then Michael would suggest that the pants be a contrasting shade of the plaid. Another alternative is to switch up and pair this look with a sports jacket made in a deeper shade of the print.

The go to piece of clothing for the month is the contrast dress shirt. A great alternative to incorporate with the glen plaid suit, this shirt was once a must have in the business world twenty-five years ago with big-shot businessmen and tycoons. With the end of the 80’s and Reaganomics, this symbol of high-powered couture was placed once again in the footnotes of fashion. Finding its way back to the closet of men with the reemergence of the twenty’s, the contrast shirt with its white collar and French cuff is a signature trademark of someone who would consider them self to be a dandy man. Easy to transition from work to play, the contrast shirt with an unbutton collar, vest and rolled up sleeves is a cool look to sport while networking over cocktails or shooting pool.

In many states brisk winds and chilly nights seems to go on for ever. Don’t suffer or compromise your style with comfort; add to this look by pairing it with an all-weather top coat and stay warm and stylish while walking the corporate streets. Now is the perfect time to place your order. In many mid-west and eastern coastal states the temperature will allow you to wear a top coat well into the early summer. And since this look never goes out of style, feel free to pull it out whenever the weather permits.

To place your order for your three-piece glen plaid suit and all-weather top coat contact one of Michael’s wardrobe consultants at or call us at 818-981-5738. With many trips schedule throughout the year we are always a short commute to many major cities. Contact us to see when we will be in your area.

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