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The Advantages of a Perfect Fit

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When you’re shopping off the rack, a perfect fit can be elusive – everyone has a unique build and it is beyond the abilities of clothing companies to offer a perfect fit for most people. The only brand that is truly right for you, is your own exact measurements!

This is where our business and the specialized services we offer enter the equation and offer dramatic, life changing possibilities. Clothing is a very important factor in our culture. How we dress is not only an expression of who we are and where we stand in our lives, but it also influences to a large degree how others perceive us. A sharply dressed man is always treated differently, whether he is wearing a nicely tailored custom suit, or dressed more casually but with aplomb in a blazer cut perfectly to his form.

For example, if you’ve been working out a great deal and you’re becoming more developed across the shoulders, it can be a difficult task finding a shirt that offers a proper fit. Need a little more breathing room around the stomach area, but more of a snug fit about the chest? No problem. No matter what your shape, custom tailoring can guarantee not only a garment that is pleasing to you as you wear it, but also ensures a much more flattering appearance. A good tailor can not only make you clothes that enhance your attributes, but can actually design a fit that makes you appear slimmer or even taller!

If the benefit of a fit that is tailored precisely to your own personal dimensions is not enticing enough all on its own, there is also the factor of convenience. Once we have your measurements on file, your future orders are a piece of cake. Need some new shirts? A new suit? Pair of slacks? You could go to the department store and contend with fitting rooms, long lines, and parking lot headaches. Or you could call us, select your fabric, and in a few short weeks have a brand new, perfectly fitting garment that was made exclusively for you!

When you are ready to experience an entirely new level of dressing well, don’t hesitate to contact me personally at and I will answer any questions you may have about custom clothes and the many benefits they offer you.

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Mad Style

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The Dapper Donald Draper

The Dapper Donald Draper

Set at the cusp of fifties glamor and the dawn of the free-spirited sixties, we have the stylish and acclaimed Mad Men from American Movie Classics. The dramatic series, which debuted last year and recently concluded its second season, is arguably the best art-directed series on television.

The era is depicted in all its mid-century splendor, as the ambitions, foibles, and decadent behavior of the Madison Avenue advertising set (who were referred to at the time as “mad men”) play out within the context of pitch meetings, martini lunches, and office trysts. All of this is presented through a thick haze of cigarette smoke and fashions more sleek than the actor’s brylcreamed hair styles. This show would have you believe that ad men were rock stars and the best advertising concepts were to be found toward the bottom of an ornate decanter.

As unexpected a development as the show’s run away success, is the profound impact it has had on our own stock-in-trade – menswear. There has been a recent trend in men’s clothing toward a cleaner, slimmer cut, and away from the bulkier fits of years past. Many in the fashion world have credited the popularity of Mad Men and its classic, well-structured fashions with amplifying this trend. Donald Draper has cut a striking impression in his smooth, tailored pin stripe suits… and men are now rethinking how they dress.

As demonstrated on Mad Men, it’s a look most anyone can achieve. With the right bespoke tailor, this style can be personalized and refined so you don’t look like you’ve stepped off a film set. Although we refer to a slimmer fit, a thin body build is not required to pull it off. The style is classically cut, polished and put together.

That said, here’s the skinny…

Shirts are tapered in the sleeves and the body. Collars are short, with a medium spread. Arm holes are smaller. Cuffs are French with either cut or rounded corners and complimented by an elegant pair of cuff links acheter viagra. Very classic.

The suits are one or two button single breasted, or six button double breasted (two to button). The JFK era lapels are narrower. There are four working buttons on the jacket sleeves, a real button hole on the lapel (on either the left side or both), high vents in the back, hand stitched edges, and contrast lining inside. The effect is streamlined and sharp as can be.

The slacks are slim cut, no pleats or cuffs. A long, lean silhouette meets narrow, pointed-toe shoes. All pockets are double piped, an element our custom suits always feature – unlike suits you buy “off the rack”.

The fabrics are textured wools with narrow, pencil-thin pin stripes, or solid wools with a bit of sheen. Thread counts are high – super 150’s, super 180’s. Excellent color choices include light gray, charcoal gray, navy blues, or chocolate browns. All very masculine.

Details are an important part of the effect – a tie clip, matching collar bar and elegant pair of cuff links are essential ingredients that add a touch of old school flair. Sophistication and class is achieved with the simple addition of a white pocket square to the breast pocket.

This style of suit can be expensive from designers and three-piece ensembles in the classic mode can be hard to find. An experienced and pedigreed bespoke tailor will deliver this result with precision and value. Since its custom, it is tailored for your form and will move with and fit your body perfectly.

Not to mention the irony of enjoying a classic, timeless style while having the option to add a pocket for your Blackberry or iPhone.

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