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Father’s Day Special Sale !!!

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It is Spring-time and the weather is getting warmer. As we head into summer we have an opportunity to stop and remember those who helped us become who we are today, those who supported us as we grew up and shaped and molded us into the men and women we are today, our fathers.

Father’s Day is fast approaching and we all want to give dad that special gift that he won’t soon forget. All too often Dad is only remembered with ordinary, mostly forgettable gifts that are soon worn out and forgotten. This year why not give Dad something he can really use, and remember you by, a gift of custom made slacks, or a finely tailored shirt made just for him. Maybe he’d like a sports coat or some casual wear for the weekend. No matter what you choose, Michael’s Custom Clothes can help.

You can give him such a gift and more and it can be as easy as making a phone call. It is possible to provide your Father with a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year and for years to come with a little assistance from our tailors at Michael’s Custom Clothes. No matter your location, we can help you give Dad a gift he’ll remember. We travel all over the United States on a regular basis and most likely would be able to meet with you in person to help you visualize what you want to give, and how to make it all happen. We also have gift certificates available for that last minute gift which he can easily redeem because we do travel over the entire United States on a regular basis click here. And besides you’ll be giving him that irresistible experience and the special pampering and service that you can only get by having our fine tailors and style consultants fit his special gift to him.

Here is how easy it could work. If your father is already a customer at Michael’s Custom Clothes then it is as easy as a phone call to order him something that you know he will like already. We keep sizes and fabric preferences on file and our style consultants can help you choose something that your Dad will love. If your father has yet to experience the personalized one on one service provided by Michael’s Custom Clothes then he is in for a treat. In fact he may never want to go back to the old way he bought clothes. When you give him a Gift Certificate from Michael’s Custom Clothes he can redeem it whenever he wants, as our tailors and style consultants travel throughout the country and can meet with him when they are in your area. He will be measured and will be given assistance in determining the styles and fabrics which are most flattering to him and his preferences. Then the magic begins. Our tailors will take this information and then handcraft a garment he will be proud to wear, and even more proud to tell everyone who gave it to him and where it came from.

And just in time for Father’s Day we have a terrific sale which you won’t want to pass up. Take a look at just some of our block buster prices below:

4 Cotton Blend Shirts for $199.00
6 100% Sea Island or Egyptian Cotton Shirts for $499.00
3 Slacks and 3 Shirts for $699.00
1 Suit and 2 Shirts for $659.00
2 Super 120 Suits and 6 Cotton Blend Shirts for $1,299.00
1 Super 150’s Suit and 1 Cotton Shirt for $799.00
Selected Dormeuil Suits for $1,195.00 each

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