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The Double Breasted Suit !

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page-212Now that we have entered into fall its time for us to once again take inventory of our closets to make sure it is current with the latest fashion trends for the season. This fall brings about the reemergence of the very distinctive double-breasted suit. This traditional look has empowered men for centuries allowing them to emanate their very own sense of style in both work and play. This timeless appeal transitions from year to year with ease, a very important feature for today’s budget conscience individual. With the return of the custom made suits, owning this classic trend is easy to do.

When meeting with a wardrobe consultant at Michael’s Custom Clothes there are a few factors one should consider when designing your custom made double-breasted suit. Double-breasted suits have a tendency to look bulky, an unflattering trait many men. So it is important to customize the double-breasted suit for your specific body type. When choosing your fabric select wools, silks or wool blends with a weight rang between 10-14 ounces. These lighter weights will promote a more slimming line to counter act the bagginess of the double-breasted suit. Michael Sahi suggests using smaller shoulder padding to soften the shoulders lines and tapering in the sides to help reduce the suit’s boxy ness. Also, the sleeve should be cut slim to complete the overall slimming effects. With precision measurements taken by the highly skilled tailoring team at Michael’s Custom Clothes you will be able to achieve the fashionable trend of the fitted double-breasted suit silhouette.

You can boost your sense of power and authority by customizing the classic six-on-two double-breasted jacket by adding your very own signature detailing. Even though the double-breasted suit is considered a conservative staple, don’t be afraid to go against the grain; classic men’s fashion is also influenced this season by bolder patterns and colors. So don’t feel that black and blue are the only preferred color for your custom suit. An angled peak lapel and buttonholes both with topstitching is a standout feature. This look is appealing and wearable for every man giving your custom made classic suit a crisp and modern feel. It is also important to spark your creativity when choosing your lining; this settle way of adding color can attract the right kind of attention from women getting them to notice you and your sense of style.

With the fashion and professional world still fascinated by the classic look of the 50’s and 60’s, your tailor made Michael Sahi power suit will be a timeless treasure that can go anywhere. By selecting wrinkle resistant wool fabrics for your custom made double-breasted suit, you can stay looking polished while traveling by car or by plane, this is ideal for the upcoming holiday season. By just adding your favorite pair of jeans in your suitcase you can achieve multiple looks with one suit jacket which is very essential with today’s pricey luggage fees. Now you can be in control of your own destiny; travel the world or go from work to play with ease and comfort.

To see the large array of fabric and style choices offered at Michael’s Custom Clothes contact us today and schedule an consultation with one of our wardrobe consultants.

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