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The Distinguished Men of Michael’s Custom Clothes

May 29th, 2013

Over time distinguished men have contributed to the standard uniform of men’s clothing with subtle touches that are not necessarily overtly spectacular. They know that the luxurious simplicity of a well tailor suit is more then stringing together of objects but states a firm grasp and understanding of personal style. Never out of place in the universally appropriate suit and refuses to be confined with off the rack clothing; this man is a Michael’s Custom Clothes man; he is a man of fashion.

The lifestyle of Michael Sahi’s clientele signifies their styling choices. The trendy L.A. business men tend to gravitate towards the styles of the single breasted suits with a European twist. For years they have embraced the slimming notch lapels but recently have changed to the more pronounced peak lapel. Since these men enjoy warmer weather and sunnier days lighter weight fabrics such as tropical cool wrinkle free Super 150’s Wools are perfect for their carefree lifestyles. Taking note of the fashionable streets of Rodeo Dr. and Sunset Boulevard their daring approach to color is proof that they are trend setters who are not afraid to wear bolder hue shirts and ties such as the very popular Monterey Bay blue reminiscent of the blue sea.

Michael has developed a faithful following from preaches and clergy men in many southern and Midwestern states adobe master collection cs6 full. Even though they have a more conservative approach to life they are not afraid of being a little daring in the designing details. The re-emerging double breasted suits are a favorite with these men who enjoy certain added elements like hacking and tickets pockets, side vents, hand picking stitching and sleeve buttons on their jackets. Their conservative nature is always pushed aside with the overly vibrant hidden suit lining; some may continue to express their individuality with their personal signature stitched inside.

The clientele that exist in the eastern coastal line take their fashion a little more conservatively even though their lifestyle is vibrant and ever moving. Navy and black is their color of choice but by adding a pin or a chalk stripe gives these Wall Street elites and Washington’s political movers and shakers the right kind of edge. They interfuse into the conservative look the classic expanded or tab waistband that allows the belt to be substituted with a pair of suspenders that can offer a dash of color and gives an eccentric appeal. Accessories such as ties and pocket squares are used to turn heads; some even wear bow ties as their signature trademark making their own fashion statement.

These distinguished men of Michael’s Custom Clothes have contributed to men’s fashion by creating their own signature look that is admired by their peers. No matter if his standard of uniform is conservative, edgy or laid back he chooses to wear Michael Sahi because he knows fashion. With Father’s Day just a few weeks away give your father a gift card from Michael’s Custom Clothes and you will give him the opportunity to develop a style that represents his lifestyle and professional surroundings. Call us today for a gift that has no limitations on style.

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