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Michael’s Custom Clothes is proud to announce that our Autumn/Winter collection is now available for purchase !

August 26th, 2015

Now is the time to get started on exploring some of your best fall fashion ideas! Here at Michael’s Custom Clothes, we are now featuring our best fall lineup to date. With an array of jackets, slacks, shirts, and ties that each exude an amazing level of individual style, quality, and- of course- personality; you will never go wrong choosing from brands such as Armani, Marzoni, Dormeuil, Thomas Mason, Scabal, and Valentino.

Two of the most essential things that separate our stock this season from the rest are versatility and adaptability, as our fabrics are well suited to a wide range of environments and our offerings can equally be adapted to any occasion. If it is simplicity you are looking for (as has been the trend lately,) then Michael’s will consistently pull off the trying task of giving you simple without giving you dull. For this purpose, we are offering specials on our understated yet eloquent cashmere wool blend suits- that just happen to be made of fabric perfect for autumn. These materials are cool and breathable yet highly durable and will allow you to move freely without feeling at all constrained. We also carry a silk and wool blend mix if you are looking for just a touch more flare. Whether the mercury stays stubbornly high into September, or we mercifully cool down- these outfits will keep you comfortable homepage.westmont.edu.

For outright sophistication, go with the combination of 3 Marzoni suits and 3 Thomas Mason Shirts on sale for a very special price of $2,999.

Marzoni of Italy manufactures some of the highest quality imported fabrics that you can find this side of the Atlantic. You can choose dark colors this season and accent with cuffs for slacks to stay in line with prevailing trends. The slimmed-down look, without too much excess fabric, is still the way to go with these suits. Some trending colors from Marzoni’s selection include the striking velvet brown, dark navy plaid, dark grey/ brick red plaid, and the bold and beautiful blue/black herringbone stripe. As discussed in the previous blog, French fine imported cloth maker Dormeuil continues to impress with its Iconik brand fabric that is sure to be wildly popular into this fall season. Woven from Australian Merino wool, which is known the world around as one of the finest wools on the market today, Dormeuil has hit the mark with Iconik. Dark blues, grays, and browns are currently some of the most highly sought after colors from the Iconik line. You are sure to stand out from the monotony of the crowd with any of these wonderful hues, and we are anxious to get you sporting these fresh new looks and much more!

Be sure to check out Scabal’s newly release Autumn/Winter lineup, some samples of which are pictured here:



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