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Cuffs on Suit Jacket !

September 30th, 2014 Comments off

The next time you order a suit there is one feature that has almost been forgotten in men’s suits. On classic English suits one feature of a suit jacket is a cuff on the sleeve. Too often that detail has been forgotten on modern suits. However this is one of the marks of a fine crafted suit. Cuffs on Suit Jackets are extremely popular in Europe this season and you might want to consider having cuffs added to your next suit. Ask Michael Sahi about the different styles of cuffs that can be added to your jacket to add some style and pizzazz to your wardrobe

Michael’s Custom Clothes offers a wide variety of styles that you can choose from as you plan your wardrobe. Michael can help direct you to sleeve styles that would both flatter you and add that special something that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Suit Jackets in the past were much more utilitarian than they are today. For example The buttons that are on the cuffs of most jackets are not usually functional today, however in the past the buttons were completely functional and could be unbuttoned so that you could roll up your jacket sleeves much like you would roll up a shirt’s sleeves. These cuffs are generally called surgeon’s cuffs as the area of London, Seville Row which is known today for Bespoke tailors used to be headquarters for many surgeons. So next time you go to order a suit keep cuffs in mind.

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